CEREC- Same Day Crowns

Castle Valley Dental is happy to offer our patients the convenience of same day crowns. Traditional crowns usually would require two appointments for the patient. Our office in Castle Rock, Colorado can provide crowns in office without the hassle of temporary crowns and multiple visits.

Our CEREC© same day crowns allow you to have a complete crown in just one appointment. Not only does this new technology make your dental treatment more convenient, CEREC© crowns are shaped, sized, and colored to match your adjacent teeth, making them a beautiful, seamless part of your natural smile.

CEREC© crowns use a composite material that forms to your natural tooth. This repaired section of the tooth to expand and contracts at the same rate as your own tooth which prevents fractures and lasts longer. Dr. Houser will be able to use CAD technology to perfectly map your tooth and re-create.

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