When to Worry About Your Teen's Wisdom Teeth

It’s common for the average person to experience trouble with their wisdom teeth. This is especially true for our younger patients.

If you’re wondering whether your teen would benefit from wisdom teeth removal, the answer may be yes. If they’re experiencing pain or swelling in the jaw, they may have impacted wisdom teeth that should be removed.

Impacted wisdom teeth are teeth that sit behind the molars, under the gum. Without X-rays, they may go unseen. It is important to ensure that your teen has regular six-month checkups at their dentist in Castle Rock, CO, to catch wisdom teeth issues early on before they cause pain and discomfort.

How Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Problems

Impacted wisdom teeth, when left untreated, can develop into many dental problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Many people mistake the pain and discomfort of overgrown wisdom teeth for a sinus infection or common allergies. Wisdom teeth can also be either impacted or erupted. Impacted wisdom teeth are not visible to the eye, as they continue to grow beneath the gums. Erupted wisdom teeth will emerge from the gums and become fully visible. This can lead to a range of problems if the teeth are not properly aligned before they erupt through the gums.


The first sign of impacted wisdom teeth is overcrowding. As wisdom teeth grow, they can push against other teeth and force them out of the way. This is due to their size and position in the mouth. Hasty removal of these wisdom teeth is ideal for a perfectly aligned smile.


If your teen is complaining about pain on either side of their jaw, experiencing headaches, or even having sinus pressure, it may be time to contact the dentist. Other symptoms to look out for, such as swollen or tender gums or generalized pain when chewing, may be caused by wisdom teeth.

How We Can Help

We care about your teen’s wisdom teeth at Castle Valley Dental. Our family practice offers various services for wisdom teeth removal, as well as other standard procedures like braces, clear aligners, dentures, veneers, whitening, crowns, dental implants, and more.

Learn more about wisdom tooth removal in Castle Rock, CO, by visiting our website or calling Castle Valley Dental today for a consultation.

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